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Chief Joseph

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I was a chief because I like to fight for freedom. “My heart is weak from all the fighting.” Chief Joseph spoke these words after he surrendered to the white people. When you hear the name Chief Joseph, you probably do not think of love of all living things, fighting for freedom, or a great leader.

Chief Joseph was born in 1840 in the Wallowa Valley. His birth name was Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-keht. It means Thunder Traveling to High Mountains. Missionaries later named him Joseph.

Joseph’s father’s name was Tuekakas.  He was the peace chief of the Wallowa Valley.  Dad taught Joseph to respect and love all living things. Joseph’s mother’s name was Khapkhaponimi. Joseph had six brothers and sisters. One of his brother’s name was Ollokot and he became a Chief of another group. In 1855 when Chief Joseph was fifteen, he traveled with his dad to an important meeting called a council. The United States wanted to buy the Indian’s land. Also something what was weird was that Chief Joseph was trained in a mission school (Army School) when he was 19 years old.       

 Also Chief Joseph’s dreams were to become a chief and he did. Another one of his dreams was to get back to Wallowa Valley because he was pushed away from his homeland because the Americans found gold and silver there. Also another thing they lost with their homeland was that they had no more freedom so they had two battles to escape to Canada.

Chief Joseph was married to a girl named springtime the daughter of another chief. And one of his daughter’s named sound of running feet. Chief Joseph loved his homeland but he had to fight to get to Canada because white people took his homeland. But his dream to get back to his homeland. Joseph’s dad died in 1871 and asked Joseph to protect the Wallowa Valley, even if it meant dying. Also white cattle ranchers moved 

in to the valley so it made Chief Joseph run to live in Canada.

               Also Chief Joseph’s journey to Canada had a couple of battles and wars in it. On September 21, 1904 Joseph died and the doctor said Chief Joseph died from a broken hart. Joseph’s last words were “My hart is weak I will fight no more”. He died by to the fire place next to the teepee.

Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Perce war to Canada and to keep his homeland. Chief Joseph wanted to get to Canada to come back with the rights to get back his homeland. His work did not improve life but he made it a better place because the story tells you to stick up for to yourself and for your rights. And Chief Joseph’s life still tells us all to fight for your rights and yourself.      




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