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Norman Rockwell

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     “I’ll never have enough time to paint all the pictures I’d like to.” That is what Norman Rockwell said when he was painting his pictures of Santa Clause with a halo on his head and all the pictures with Saturday Evening Post.       

Norman Rockwell was born on February 3, 1894. He was born in brown stone, New York.  Norman had a brother Jarvis, a father Jarvis and his mother Nancy. Norman Rockwell went to school at the chase school of arts. He was not very good at art at that time but now he is great and everyone loves his art!

 Hear are some important childhood facts about Norman Rockwell. Did you know that Norman have a lack of ability and he could not play sports very well but his brother could?          When Norman was little, one of his dreams was to be a great artist and his dream came true.

 Some challenges that Norman faced during he childhood were that he had a brother that was awesome at play sports and he could he was not good at all. When Norman was little he was not a good artist but later in life he practiced and he is great now he is one of the best artists in the world. Look at his paintings that includes his 4 set pitcher of Dog for Sale he was little when he panted that and it is a lot of money. But it time to panted that pitcher. But it is very pretty.

          When Norman Rockwell got older he got married to a woman named Mary Rhodes and she is very pretty! Norman also had three kids Jarvis was an artist born in 1932, Tom was a writer born in 1933 and Peter was a sculptor born in1936 .Norman lived in New York City with his three kids and his wife. Norman had to jobs he was an artist and he worked for Saturday Evening Post.

Some of the thing that Norman faced during his adulthood was that Norman got married to Mary had three kids and he has three jobs he is a painter, he works for Saturday Evening Post, and he panted boy scouts calendars.

Norman Rockwell is famous because of his art, Saturday Evening Post, and Boy Scouts Calendar. One of the things that helped Norman was that he tried and he practiced and that is what made him a great artist. Norman Rockwell’s art work help improve his life because of how he panted.

          Yes, Norman did improve the world because when people want to study Norman Rockwell’s art they can.


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This is very interesting and you did a wonderful job with your report!

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