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Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore Maryland USA.  Babe Ruth was born in a poor waterfront neighborhood and at age eight Babe Ruth was sent by his  father to ST Mary’s industrial school for boys.  Babe’s baseball interest in baseball sprouts up by a priest.  When Babe Ruth turned a teenager he caught the eye of the minor league his first year he was a left handed pitcher then was traded to the Boston after Boston didn’t want him anymore he was picked up by the Yankees and his first add-bat for the Yankees he hit a home run.  


Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore on February 7, 1894.  When he grew up he received legal papers saying that he was born February 6, 1895. To this day no one knows which date is his true birth date.  Babe’s dad’s name was Big George; Babe’s dad also owned a bar. His mom worked as a bartender.  Babe’s mom’s name was Kate Scomberger Ruth.  She was very sick.  His mom had eight kids and only Babe and Mamie survived.  Babe’s family lived on the top of their dads bar. 

Babe claimed himself to be a bad kid.  He threw eggs at truck drivers, ditched school and played hooky.  When Babe was eight he did not know how to read or write.  Cops found him and told his parents to move somewhere else.  His parents could not take care of him anymore.  Babe was sent to St. Mary’s School in 1902.  Babe went to school for 1 month and returned home because his parents missed him too much.  When Babe went back to St. Mary’s, he was 14.  He got sent back because he  kept being a bad teenager.  Babe did not like baseball until he met his priest.  His priest was a big baseball fan. He thought that if Babe played baseball, he stay out of trouble.  Babe said he did not play baseball so the priest asked him if he wanted to play.  Babe said YES and that’s when the legend was born.

After Babe was taught he went to play in the minors when he was 21.  Babe played for the        Orioles. Babe was the pitcher, he was really good. He stayed in the minors till he was 22. 

Babe was married twice and had only one child, Dorothy. Dorothy had a rough childhood.  Babe’s first wife died in a fire when the kid was only 4 years old.  She had to go live with her grandmother.  When she grew up she wrote about her dad, the Babe.

 Then the Red Sox scout came to see Babe and later on Babe got the phone call to get signed to the Red Sox.  He still pitched sometime for the Red Sox and had an amazing year at the plate.  He batted a 300.  Then he stayed in Boston for about 1 more month and was sold to the Yankees.  This started the Curse of the Bambino.  The Curse of the Bambino was a time after Babe got sold, the Yankees started playing better and they started winning World Series championships.  The Red Sox went 86 years without winning a World Series.

While playing for the Yankees he made lots of friends including Lou Gehrig.  They would always talk to each other.  One time the fans in Boston booed at Babe and Babe jumped into the stands and chased this guy. The guy pulled out a knife and stabbed Babe in the hip.  Babe was in the Hospital for a couple of weeks.  The people in New York got afraid that Babe would never play again.  Well, they were wrong. Babe came in batting and playing centerfield.  The first time he was up he hit a double and the second time he hit a home run but Babe was so old he only needed to touch first and it counted for all the bases.

But the sad part is Babe died of cancer on August 16, 1948 in New York.  The cancer began in his nose and mouth and spread throughout his body.  

            There was more to Babe than baseball.  He loved to donate money to a lot of charities think about it he raised a lot of money.  He especially donated money to St. Mary’s school, the school where he grew up.




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