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Barbara Jordan

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Barbara Jordan was an amazing person she worked her hardest and never gave up! She ended up being the first African American women to be in the house of representative and to be the first women from the Deep South to be a senate. She also achieved more than you think so here is her story.

Barbara Charline Jordan was born February 21, 1936 in Huston, Texas.  Her parents Benjamin and Arlyne Jordan had three children and she was the youngest. Although it was very crowded they all got along and had a great time. Barbara also would hangout with her grandpa Patten. He would give her money that he earned with his junk business. Before Barbara went to her grandpa’s house she had to go to church.

When Barbara got older she went to Phillis Weatley High School. Talking became her national talent Barbara always worked extra hard. Barbara had won many awards for speaking in her senior year she was named school girl of the year in 1952. She searched for a career for a long time and finally one day she decided to be a lawyer because Edith Sampson who was a lawyer inspired her. In 1952 – 1956 Barbara went to Texas southern university. She had a tutor named Dr. Thomas Freeman; he worked her hard. In 1959 Barbara attended Boston University Law School. When she graduated in that same year she passed the Texas and Massachusetts bar exams.

 After Boston University she moved to fifth ward a black area in Huston. Barbara then decided that she wanted to go for house of representative. But she waged two unsuccessful campaigns. Then through 1966 and 1990 she did a number of things. When she was going for state senate in 1966 she won the same year. Then she was named governor of the day in 1972. Then she was the first African American to give a keynote speech at a major political convention in 1976. She then received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1990. Barbara also had several teaching positions, was professor at Lyndon Bains Johnson School. Than in 1993 President Clinton asked Barbara to head the United States Commission on Immigration reform. Than sadly in 1996 Barbara Charline Jordan dies from trouble with leukemia and with MS complications also with pneumonia at that time.    

                   Although she had died people never forgot her because her powerful voice changed life forever.                    


ay I am going to do Barbara Jordan. Barbara is the first African American congress women to come from the Deep South. She was the youngest but she always wanted to be up there and to be noticed. When she was in high school she was a skilled at public speaking.After high school she went to Texas’s southern University for law school she hoped to pass. She passed the Massachusetts bar exam. In 1962 to 1964 she was an unsuccessful candidate for Texas house of representative. But then she was elected in 1966 to the Texas senate the first African American member since 1883 and the first women ever elected. I choose her because she worked hard to be were she is and that she never ever gave up a fit.  for more information on Barbara jordan click here  


Listen to an Interview with Barbara Jordan                                

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Hannah said

at 5:24 pm on Apr 14, 2010

Do you think that your life is anything like Barbra Jordan or do you think it is completely different from hers?

AlexisW said

at 3:25 pm on Apr 16, 2010

Learned a lot of great info.! Can't wait!:)

CarsonV said

at 4:16 pm on Apr 16, 2010

Have fun doing her!

MarcusH said

at 10:05 am on Apr 21, 2010

I can see you are really interested in barbra jordan have fun!

AllisonM said

at 10:11 am on Apr 21, 2010

I'm not to sure but when i find out I will tell you!

AllisonM said

at 10:11 am on Apr 21, 2010

Thanks you to!

CarsonV said

at 10:13 am on Apr 21, 2010

I love your picture!

Belma said

at 10:16 pm on Apr 27, 2010

have fun studying her! i love your picture. i think youll be perfect for this person!:)

AlexisH said

at 1:32 pm on Jun 9, 2010

Good luck on the presentation!!!

CarsonV said

at 5:49 pm on Jun 13, 2010

I love the report you did! Good luck at the presentation tomorrow!!!

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