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Derek Jeter

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       I would like to do my report on Derek Jeter because we connect on so many things.  First, when I’m older I want to play sports, and make a charity to tell kids not to do drugs.  It will also encourage kids to play sports.  Another connection that we have is we both love playing baseball.  The most important reason I would like to study Derek Jeter is because he is an athlete I look up to because he chased his dreams and likes to give, not just receive.  That is why I would like to study Derek Jeter.  For more information about Derek Jeter go to this website.


Listen to an Interview with Derek Jeter.


Derek Jeter


 Derek Jeter is one of the most popular baseball players ever.  He was the youngest person to ever to get in the Major League Baseball (MLB)!  He also started a charity to stop kids from doing drugs.  He's also great role model for kids everywhere.


             Derek Jeter was born June 26 1974 in Pequannock New Jersey. Derek Jeter was named after Derek Sanderson because he won Stanly cup the day he was born.  Even though he was born in New Jersey he grew up in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Derek was in a family of three.  His proud parents named Charles and Dorothy Jeter and his older sibling named Sharlee.  He wanted to play shortstop for the Yankees ever since he was eight.  His father played shortstop in collage and Derek was inspired by his newspaper clipping and photos.  Derek’s parents supported his dream but told him grades come first.


 Derek was a quiet boy but had high grades and was born with a sports crazed family (it means that they loved sports).  Even though he wanted to be shortstop his dad told me to be an all around player. 


 Life wasn’t easy for Derek because he had a white mom and a black dad.  When he finished high school Derek Jeter accepted a scholarship to the University of Michigan.


After he graduated he became a shortstop for the Yankees.  His first year for the Yankees was a disaster.  He started 0-14 at the plate and his batting average was only 202.  He was homesick so he called his family every night.  He said that every time he went up to bat he would count how long until he was able to go home.  He now lives in New York City.  Derek Jeter’s personal record is twenty-four homeruns, one hundred thirty-four runs scored, nine triples and one hundred two RBI’s.  Derek Jeter also has a world record for most hits ever!!  His score is two thousand seven hundred twenty two hits.


The thing that Derek Jeter is most famous for is his foundation.  It is called the Turn 2 Foundation.  It will tell the kids that join not to do drugs.  His foundation will also keep the children physically fit.




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Hannah said

at 5:25 pm on Apr 14, 2010

Do you think when you are older do you want to have as much success as he did?

Hannah said

at 10:25 am on Jun 9, 2010

Do you like baseball? And what is your favirote sport?

MarcusH said

at 1:33 pm on Jun 9, 2010

you did great

AlexisH said

at 1:37 pm on Jun 9, 2010

Did Derek Jeter do more than baseball in his life.

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