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Milton Hershey

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on April 21, 2010 at 10:00:28 am
  1. Milton Hershey photo courtesy www.hersheys.com  I would like to study Milton Hershey because it is very cool because that he made candy bars in 1894 and they’re still famous and delicious today in 2010! I learned that Milton Hershey tried to make sure everyone got an education by making a free education program. I also want to get everybody an education so they know how to read, do math and write because then maybe everybody could graduate college and get a job. I also didn’t know that at first he made caramels and worked in Lancaster. He started his job in the Hershey company in 1894. I would also like to make food that’s famous and is still around when I die. It kills me to know he died because I would have loved to meet him in person. That’s why I want to be Milton Hershey. I’d also like to learn more about him. I’m a Hershey fan!


For information on Milton Hershey click on this 

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