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Neil Armstrong

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     I would like to study Neil Armstrong because Ilike astronaut.  They float in the moon. I wish I was in space some times.  I would love to walk on the moon and look for fossils.  He was the first man to walk on the moon.  H flew 78 combat missions when he was in the




             Did you know that Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon?  Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo 11 lunar module and explored the moon’s surface. 

Neil Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 on his grandparents farm in Auglaize County, Ohio. His parents’ names were Stephen and Viola.  He had a younger brother, Dean, and a little sister, June.  Neil developed an interest in flying at an early age.  His dad took him to watch airplanes take off and land at the age of two. When he was 6 years old, he went for his first plane ride in a Ford tri motor, a “Tin Goose.” From that time on Neil was fascinated by aviation.  He liked to read books about airplanes rather than play with other kids.  He moved with his family to several Ohio communities before they settled in Wapakoneta, Ohio when Neil was 13 years old.  His friend, Jacob Zint, had a telescope.  He let Neil and the other kids look through it.  Most would peek at the stars and the moon, but Neil would spend a long time looking through it.  When he was 15 years old, he took flying lessons and earned his pilot’s license before his driver’s license.

In 1947 he entered Purdue University and studied aeronautical engineering. Two years later the Navy called him to active duty.  Armstrong became a Navy pilot and was sent to Korea in 1950.  He flew 78 combat missions in Navy Panther jets.  Neil was in the Korean war and he earned 3 metals for his skill and courage in Korea.

In 1952 Neil returned to Purdue and earned his Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering.  After college Neil was a test pilot.  Neil flew the X-15 7 times. 

On January 28, 1956 Neil Armstrong married Janet Sheardon.  Neil and Janet have 2 sons, Eric and his younger brother Mark.  Neil and Janet lived in Columbia

In 1962, Neil Armstrong was a NASA astronaut for the Gemini 8 mission. In 1969, Neil took a mission to the moon with some friends of his, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.  Theylanded the Apollo 11 lunar module and explored the moon’s surface.  Upon taking his first step on the moon, Neil said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  They explored the moon’s surface and  together they put up an American flag.  Neil retired from NASA in 1971 and he became an engineering teacher at the University of Cincinnati.  In 1978 he received a congressional space Medal of Honor.  Neil left the University of Cincinnati in 1979 and went to serve on the board at various companies.  In 1984 he went to work for the national Commission on Space.  Right now he live on a farm near Lebanon, Ohio.



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RebeccaM said

at 6:21 pm on May 4, 2010

Love the information

Hannah said

at 6:52 pm on May 25, 2010

What kinds of fossils do you think you will find on the moon?

Angelina said

at 8:08 pm on May 27, 2010

AWESOME!!!! I hope you have lots of fun studying him!!! :P

Joie said

at 3:46 pm on Jun 10, 2010

How old is Neil Armstrong?

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