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Bill Gates

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Bill Gates appeals to me because when ever I have the chance to go on the computer I go on it.

I am like Bill Gates because we both like to go on the computer and when I grow up I also want

to donate money to charity. Two interesting facts about bill gates that i found interesting are he

placed himself the head of microsoft which made him 2.5 million dollars in 1978 and he was only 23.

Another one is him and his friend made something called trafo-data which is a computer program

that monitors traffic data and they made billions of dollars. That is why Bill Gates appeals to me and that is why i want him as my famous american. If you want more information about Bill gates, visit THIS WEBSITE


Bio Feature



Bill Gates is the head of Microsoft. He has been working with computers for a very long time. He is also a philanthropist which means he donates lots of money.

         Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1995, in Seattle, Washington. He has two sisters. While he was a child their was a COLD WAR.

        In 1967 Gates went to Lakeside school which was a private school. Lakeside was one of the first schools that allowed computer time to the students. When he was a child he was picked on a lot. Even know he is famous now he was not so famous back then. One year in the year book a couple of kids put gates in a chair and told him it was a electric chair and he was crying and they took a picture and they put it in the year book.

         When gates got older he became more and more interested in computers. He married a girl named Melinda French in 1994, and she is now the cochair of the Gates foundation. Together they had two children, Jennifer Katharine and Rory john. He still lives in Seattle, Washington.

         He is the third richest man in the world. He has over 70 billion dollars. He wrote a book called The Road Ahead. Harvard University named him a “national scholar”. Bill Gates’ friend Kent Evans died in 1972, he fell 600 feet and 9 years later Bill Gates said he still remembers his phone number.

        While Bill was at Harvard, he considered leaving to start a software program with his good friend Paul Allen. Soon after however, They heard their was already a personal computer named Altair but Bill Gates and Paul Allen lied and said they already created a software program.

        In 1975 MITS bought the Basic program, toward the end of 1975 they came up with the name Micro-Soft. The Micro part stands for microcomputers. And soft stands for software. They did not mind bringing sleeping bags into the office. Sometimes they would even sleep in the office. While Gates was an adult Microsoft and the guy who invented the apple computers had competion.

       That is the life and story of Bill Gates. And that is why Bill Gates is my Famous American.   


Bill Gates



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Listen to an Interview with Bill Gates

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Does Bill Gates have any brothers or sisters?

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