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George Eastman

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I would like to study George Eastman because I heard he made the first Kodak camera. He was born on July 12,1854 in Waterville, New York and died on March 14,1932 in Rochester, New York. Once he donated $75,000,000 to the University of Rochester. He lived to be 77.




Kodak, a beautiful camera made. Do you know who made it? That person was George Eastman, a magnificent inventor. Do you know how the word Kodak was found? In a bowl of soup.




George Eastman born on July 12, 1854. He was a bright kid. He always had great manners like his parents. George Eastman’s dad grew and sold plants and his mom stayed home with George. When George was 8 his dad died unexpectedly. Then George quit school at 13 and started a business career. At 14 he started working at an insurance company. At 19 George was working at Rochester Savings Bank.


            George was growing older, he wanted to be more than a banker, but he didn’t know what. So he invested in some Caribbean land because he wanted to take pictures of it. So at age 23 he bought his first camera. He made wet plates for a little while but then started making dry plates. He thought the dry plates were a magnificent breakthrough so he went to London to see if the British dry plate companies would buy them. They did and he wanted to start his own business.

 At 26 he rented a big hotel and made lots more dry plates. A year passed and he hired 6 workers and looked for a place to put his company. He also found someone to invest money in his business. That person was Henry Alvah Strong. Strong gave George several thousand dollars and became George’s business partner and George bought a new place for his business. He quit his job at the bank but something was wrong. People were saying the dry plates weren’t working so he tried 469 ways to make it right. Then he found out it was the cows fault because they weren’t eating the type of grass. A few years later he made film and that helped his business a lot because so many people wanted film cameras. Then he made the Kodak. George Eastman once said he found the word Kodak in a bowl of soup. Later he came up with a motto “you press the button we do the rest”. A little while later he built a camera called the brownie and created the brownie club which is a club where kids can enter photo contests. He got to his 50’s and he wanted to give away some of his fortune so he built a theater and a dental office. Then he died at 77 in 1932. He was born to make money.


As you can see George Eastman is the greatest inventor of all time.


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