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Charles Lindbergh

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I would like to study Charles Lindbergh because he was a pilot inventer and when he was done he would hop on and fly it and at the end they would offer him $25,000.  For making plans that is why I would like to be him I wonder if he drove a boat?


Listen to an Interview with Charles Lindbergh.


“I learned that danger was a part of life not always to be shunned.  It often surrounded the things you liked most to do.”  Charles Lindbergh wrote these words in his book describing his flight from New York to Paris.

             Charles Lindbergh was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 4, 1902.  His father, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Sr. was a lawyer.  His mother, Evangeline Land Lindbergh was a high school science teacher.  Charles spent his early years in Little Falls, Minnesota. When he was four years old, his father was elected to congress, so the family moved to Washington D.C.  During the spring and summer months, Charles lived in Little Falls with his mother. From his father, Charles learned to camp, swim and canoe, but his main interest was airplanes.  His eyes were always looking at the skies and watching airplanes.  In his spare time he read everything he could about flying.  At age sixteen he graduated from high school. 

Charles studied mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin.  After two years of college, he left because he wanted to fly airplanes.  His first job was in 1922 working in an airplane factory in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He took flying lessons from one of the workers while he was working in Lincoln.  Later he took a job as a barnstormer.  Barnstormers took people from city to city and charged them for the airplane ride.  Some barnstormers learned how to do tricks, such as walking on the wings of airplanes.  At first, Charles worked as a mechanic on a barnstorming team.  Later, he was flying the planes and doing tricks, like wing walking.  In 1924, Charles joined the United States Army Air Service to become a pilot.  He trained in San Antonio, Texas.  One hundred students started the training, but only nineteen finished.  Charles graduated at the top of his class.  In 1926, he left the army to fly mail for Robertson Air Craft Company.  He became the chief pilot and flew from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois.  Flying mail was a dangerous job because the planes had to fly in all kinds of weather.  Airmail pilots often had to parachute to safety.  Charles survived two crashes and then decided to try to win the prize money of $25,000 for flying solo from New York to Paris.  He found some investors in St. Louis, Missouri who gave him some money to buy a small plane.  He named the plane he bought, The Spirit of St. Louis in honor of his investors.  He made several changes in his plane to make it as light weight as possible.  By keeping the plane light, he could go farther on less fuel.   Charles was all alone in The Spirit of St. Louis.  He had no radio, heat, lights or parachute.  He had to stay awake for 33-½ hours, but he succeeded in flying the 3,600 miles to Paris.  He became the most famous man in the world.  He received many honors, including the Distinguished Flying Cross medal from President Calvin Coolidge.

May 27, 1929, Charles married Anne Marrow in New Jersey.  On June 22, 1930 Charles Lindbergh Jr. was born.  Soon after Charles Jr. was born, Charles Lindbergh and his wife moved to Hopewell, New Jersey.  When Charles Jr. was only one and a half years old, he was kidnapped and murdered by a man named Bruno Hauptmann.   It took the police two years to find the kidnapper who went to trial and was found guilty.  Soon after the trial of their son’s kidnapper, Charles and Anne moved to England.  By now, they had a second son who they named Jon.  Jon was born August 16, 1832.  In England, Landon was born on May 12, 1937.  In 1939, the Lindbergh’s moved back to the United States where on October 2, 1940, their daughter Anne was born.  Two other children were born to the Lindbergh.  Scott was born on August 13, 

1942, and Reeve was born October 20, 1946.

             Charles spent much of his time promoting aviation.  He wrote a bestselling book about his famous flight across the Atlantic.  The name of the book was We.  He was an inventor who helped develop the world’s first heart pump.  Also, he was an environmentalist and worked for the World Wild Life Fund.  He died in 1974.




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