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Wilma Rudolph

Page history last edited by Jhensy 13 years, 8 months ago

Wilma Rudolph


I want to study Wilma Rudolph because, she was the first American women to win three gold medals in track and field events at the Olympics.  I want to be in the Olympics one day and try my best and never give up like Wilma Rudolph.  I found that she was 16 years old when she first started the Olympics, I also found out she twisted her ankle because she fell in a hole, which is very interesting to me because I never knew that.  I wonder if she would still be in the Olympics if she was still alive! 


If you want more information about Wilma Rudolph, visit  THIS WEBSITE 


Listen to an Interview with Wilma Rudolph


Photo of Wilma Rudolph  http://gardenofpraise.com/ibdwilma.htm



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Comments (13)

KaylaH said

at 12:19 pm on Apr 21, 2010

Have fun studing her

Ivey said

at 7:43 am on Apr 22, 2010

* have fun studying her and goodluck *

Ivey said

at 4:31 pm on Apr 22, 2010


KaylaH said

at 8:16 am on Apr 26, 2010

Do you want to win a lot of medals like her

Belma said

at 10:33 pm on Apr 27, 2010

have fun!

KaitlinL said

at 11:49 am on Jun 10, 2010

Wilma loves running and so do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KaitlinL said

at 11:51 am on Jun 10, 2010

I love the fact that you got her for your project if she were here now she would love that you got heer and the the first comet i said esmarie wrote


KaylaH said

at 8:18 am on Jun 14, 2010

Good luck @ the presentation

Ivey said

at 10:53 am on Jun 14, 2010

what exactly did wilma rudolph do to change the world- comment georgia o'keefe when you get the answer.

Ivey said

at 10:58 am on Jun 14, 2010

um... i learned that she went back to school to get a degree in political science,
her first memory was of lying on a quilted blanket and pastel green pillows,
and she married a man thirty-two years older than her.

Ivey said

at 11:00 am on Jun 14, 2010

georgia o'keefe first started painting when she was thirteen and she started going to private art lessons.

Jhensy said

at 7:34 pm on Jun 14, 2010

It was fun studing about someone new that I didn't know about!

Jhensy said

at 7:36 pm on Jun 14, 2010

It was fun studing about someone new thwt I didn't know about!
doing Famous Americans was very fun , but hard!

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