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Althea Gibson

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Althea Gibson


I want to study Althea Gibson for my second person because she’s an American tennis player. She was born on August 25, 1927. She died on September 28, 2003 because of respiratory failure. Also she blazed a new trail in the sport of tennis, winning a few of the sports biggest titles in 1950. I think it would be cool to have her as my second person because she is a tennis player, and maybe someday I would like to be a tennis player. I think it’s been hard for Althea because she had a hard time in the classroom and skipped school an awful lot. In 1955 Althea and her game were sponsored by United States Lawn Tennis Association. Althea was still winning she got the singles title in 1960, when she started to make money. She was paid $100,000 for playing a series of matches before Harlem Globetrotter games. I wonder what age Althea was when she wanted to become a tennis player. This is why I want Althea Gibson


If you want to find out more about Althea Gibson, visit THIS WEBSITE


Listen to An Interview with Althea Gibson


     When you think of Althea Gibson you think professional tennis player. But, Althea wasn’t only a tennis player; she was a professional golf player, basketball player and she even tried to pursue her dream to be a singer. She recorded one album, but sadly her singing career never took off. Even though Althea attempted different professions, she found the most success with tennis.

          Althea Gibson was born in Silver on August 25, 1927. She grew up in Harlem with her parents, 3 sisters named Annie, Lillian and Mille, and Brother Daniel. Althea loved to play marbles with her father. Althea went to elementary school but she almost always skipped it to go to the basketball court with her friends. While Althea was a child her parents always said she was a handful. Althea met a boy named Buddy who taught her how to hold a racquet and how to hit the ball with the racquet. Buddy practiced with her, so much so that Althea won the ATA National Junior Championships in 1944 and in 1995. Later down the road Althea got a job as a waitress and Althea was so happy that she could finally pay a little rent to her parents.

          During Althea’s adulthood she was very successful but she had her bad days. In 1965 Althea married Will Darben which was her best friend’s brother. Althea lived in East Orange, near South Orange were she got her first chance in a USLTA tournament. Althea’s career opportunities included playing professional tennis, basketball during her free time, professional golf, tried a singing career and wrote a few books. Althea even broke the racial barrier in tennis and golf. She was the first black tennis player at Wimbledon England. She also got a title-winning performance in 1957. Althea was the leading women’s player in the world for two years. Althea even had her picture on a Wheaties cereal box in 1994. She also won the Wimbledon and the U.S National singles in 1957 and 1958. Althea was so good she won 56 singles and doubles titles during amateur career in the 1950’s. Althea’s down part in life was she had a stroke that made her stay home.   Althea Gibson was the first black women to play professional tennis and helped black women to have the courage to step up and play professional sports.     


Photo of Althea Gibson


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WOW! hope you have fun studying her she seems really cool :)

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Your proposal is so awesome. looks like you did an awesome job!!WOW! have funn!:)))))))))

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