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Walt Disney

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Listen to An Interview with Walt Disney


      Have you ever been to Disney Land or seen the Disney Channel? Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck are all characters that Walt Disney created. Walt Disney’s accomplishments still affect people today.  People still enjoy his characters, watching his movies and attending his theme parks.  Walt Disney is someone that kids my age can look up to. 

        Walt Disney was born in December 5, 1901 in Chicago with three brothers and one sister.  His mom’s name is Flora and his Dad’s name is Elias.  His mom taught him how to read he did not go to school until he was 7 so his sister and he could in the same grade.  One time Walt was 7 he and his sister got some tar and drew on the side of their house, thinking it would come off with water.  Another way that shows that Walt likes art is that he carved his initials in his school desk.  Walt had to move to Missouri at age 16, because his dad got sick.  He studied art in Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design.  When Walt was growing up is best friend name was Pfeiffer how worked with Walt later on.  Walt was a Newsboy, and he sold refreshments to train passenger’s.  He even changed his birthday to 1900 so he could be in war. Walt’s dream when he was growing up was to go to Hollywood.

        Walt Disney married Lily Bounds in 1925. In 1928 Mickey Mouse was shown on Steamboat Willy. It was the first cartoon to have sound with a picture. It was a success. Walt adopted Sharon, his daughter, in 1936.  

        Walt worked at an advertisement company and quit to make cartoons. UB I. Workers and Walt started their own business and Walt became an animator. The Jungle Book was the last animated feature Walt made. Walt wanted to call Mickey Mouse “Mouse Mortimer” but his wife wanted to name it “Mickey Mouse.” When Disneyland first opened, it was a disaster. There were traffic jams, rides that didn’t work, and people snuck in. After time, they got the kinks worked out. For all of Walt’s contributions, he won 26 Oscar Awards.

        Next time you go to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you know a little bit about the man who started it all.     




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I hoppe you have fun studing your person!

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