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Ralph Nader

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     I want to be Ralph Nader because he was a pollitition, lawyer, consumer advacate, and ran for president. 


Ralph Nader


          How would you feel if you lived in U.S.A, moved to a different country and could only speak English? Well that’s what it was like for Ralph Nader. Nader was born on February 27, 1934, in Winsted Connecticut.

          Even at age 4 he would go to court with his dad to listen to debates. When he was 14 he would carry large volumes of magazines about court cases. He also went to his dad’s restaurant to help work to fight poor food quality.

His parents used to question him about things to see what he knew. The rest of his family was his dad Nathra, his mother Rose, and three siblings. Evan as a child Nader was involved in politics, on the path of being a lawyer.

Nader had no marriage, and no children, but he went to Princeton University for four years. His jobs were, a lawyer, and before he did that he helped make sure cars were safe to drive. He also moved to Lebanon, but his dad felt they had to flee Lebanon for freedom. Nader graduated in 1958, and joined the U.S army reserves. He interviewed 100s of people to join his protest, his dad Nathra, protested against congressional pay raises.

Nader also worked at NHTSA, which is a car company. He was also a consumer advocate, and cared about individuals.

Even today, Nader is working on protests and court cases.



Curtis, Richard Ralph Nader’s Crusade Philadelphia Macrae Smith company 1972


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Listen to an Interview with Ralph Nader.

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good luck.

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hope you have fun studying him

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how did Ralph Nader change the world?

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