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Gary Paulsen

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Gary Paulsen appeals to me because i want to be a writer when i grow up.  I love to write survival books they are so adventurous. A connection to my life is that i have a forest in my back yard and we make forts just like Bryan. Something that i think is interesting is that he ran way from home at the age of 14 and traveld whit a carnival. The thing that i dont get is he was so smart and he wrote those amazing books. Another thing that gets me interested is he was in the Iditarod.More things. Thats is why i would like to study Gary Paulsen.

Bio Feature


You may have heard of the books in the Hatchet series well, Gary Paulsen was a very talented man with a pencil. He has written 175 books and 200 articles.

       Gary Paulsen was born May 17, 1939 in Minneapolis Minnesota.  His parents were Oscar and Eunice.  His mom worked on weapons for World War 2.  He was not the brightest student in his class in fact he flunked ninth grade with a d average.  The Paulsen family moved all over the place around the USA because of World War 2.  He was a geek in school and he was rejected all the time. The library was his only safe place.  His favorite kind of books was western and science fiction.  Another troubling thing was he was on his own at age 7.  He wasn’t good at sports and he was very shy. 

           After Gary Paulsen worked as a satellite technician he then worked as a magazine proof reader.  After that he became an author. Other jobs that he held at were that he drove a truck and played an extra in the movie.

             He left California and drove to Minnesota where he rented a cabin on a lake.  After he entered the 1983 Iditarod in 1985, after running the Iditarod for the second time he suffered from angina pain.  He then gave his dogs up.  Gary Paulsen does not drink or fool around.  Before he became a satellite engineer he had a drill sergeant

that actually cared about him.  

              He thought his life was set being an author but he did not sell anything right away it took 7 year for him to sell a book so he had to live trapping animals.  Trapping animals made him get close to his dogs so he wrote the book Dogsong. Then he wrote the book Winterkill and got sued for the book but Paulsen won in court.  He has been married 3 times now, and he has 2 children.  He is now married to Ruth Wright Paulsen.  Ruth Wright Paulsen has been an Illustrator for some of Gray Paulsen’s books.  He has two homes an adobe home in New Mexico and a large sail boat dock in California. He has heart disease and this limits what he can do

                That’s the life of Gary Paulsen a genius with a pencil and the creator of all the wonderful Hatchet books in the Hatchet series and all of his other awesome books that is the life of Gary Paulsen his life is fascinating  that’s why I picked Gary Paulsen has my Famous American.




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Listen to an Interview with Gary Paulsen

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