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MEET THE FAMOUS AMERICANS!  Our students are using this wiki to create a webpage about the person that they are studying.  On their wiki page you will find biographical information, a podcast, pictures, a bibliography, and a copy of their magazine page.  Explore the Famous Americans by suing the links at the left - and feel free to leave appropriate comments at the bottom of the page after you have read the information that our students are presenting!


PARENTS:  Who do YOU think should be voted the 2010 JK Man and Woman of the year?  Who do you think made the most significant contribution to their field?  After watching the slide show and viewing some projects,





Post your information to this wiki by clicking on the name of your Famous American to the right on the Sidebar. On your wiki page, you should include:

1.  A small picture of your person uploaded

2.  A copy of your proposal that you wrote for this project, OR a short paragraph explaining why you wanted to study your person

3.  Your complete project uploaded to your page (copy and paste)

4.  A copy of your completed bibliography at the bottom of your report  (Use the Source Cards to collect the information for your bibliography).

5.  Your interview podcast

In addition, you should:

5.  Visit the Timeline of Famous Americans page, and place your famous American in order of his/her birth on the list (chronologically)

6.  Visit the pages of at least five other Famous Americans, and make an intelligent comment about that person (on the bottom of the page).


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Kennedy said

at 2:30 pm on May 6, 2010

Good luck everybody!:)

HaleyL said

at 7:19 pm on Jun 14, 2010

Wow, now that it's over I feel better.

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